Please sign this petition: Require free access over the internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research.

In the past when researching scientific health studies, I’ve driven to learning hospitals (UCLA, USC) to read up on current clinical trials, medicine and protocols being used on adrenal cancer patients.  At USC I’d show my patient card and usually they’d let me access the database to read articles in full, instead of just the summary. Once in a while I’d come across librarians who’d tell me that the database was for medical students only. That would hurt, being a patient of their institution, but I knew it was their policy. Out of desperation one night, I paid a ridiculous amount to read what the findings were on a clinical trial.  Having one kidney remaining always got in the way of my decisions.  There’s not one protocol, or one method, for treating adrenal cancer and I was unsure as to what path to take.

It’d be nice if you could do this from home. From home, research can be done by anyone and on almost any health condition or medicine. Go to PubMed and enter your search criteria. You’ll usually be able to read the short abstract or summary, instead of the full article.

Maybe one day, when all the research and data is shared, we’ll be able to find the right methods to prevent cancer and other health ailments.

Thank you.