following the sun

following the sun is about my journey with a rare cancer.  I started writing my thoughts in 1998 and it eventually evolved into this web page.  I hope that it reaches anyone out there that may feel alone.  I know I felt alone when I was first told that I had this thing called cancer.   And not just any cancer.  Adrenal Cortical Cancer (ACC), is a rare and lethal cancer with no cure.   I have been blessed to have survived this cancer twice, each time with surgery as the choice of treatment. 

I chose the title to my web page after listening to the Beatle’s classic Follow the Sun. The lyrics go something like this, “For tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun.”  I love that lyric.  With all the obstacles we go through in our journey of life, there are rainy days but the sun always shines through.  If you read into that, I also mean that the Son always shines through and is here to guide us through the rain.  I don’t know what lies ahead but I know that His Son will always be there.Besides my passion for cancer awareness, I’m also into exploring old and new places, whether it be on a mountain, in the ocean or under the sun.  “Have backpack will travel” and if you’re like me, then you never leave home without a camera and a book or two. 

Depending on my current passion-of-the-day, I may choose to explore topics such as ACC legislation to get the word out on this lethal cancer, fundraising for the lack of ACC  medical treatment and research,  and other good stuff. 

This page is about everything that inspires me. Thank you for visiting! 

Email: cureacc [at] gmail dot com