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It’s been so long since I’ve written that I almost forgot my password to this journal. Excuse me while I re-read my last entry.

Well I did end up meeting with my friends and getting my hair cut back in November. The photo above is the “before” shot.

I have neglected this site for some time and I apologize. Some of you have written to ask about my well-being. I am fine. I reached my 5-year anniversary from my liver recurrence back in February. May 7 of this year marked my 9-year anniversary from my very first bout with cancer. First bout? Let’s change that to first time. I was a newcomer back in 1998.

So here I am. One reason I have not written could be that I haven’t been active in adrenal cancer advocacy. You know that song Sitting Here in Limbo by Jimmy Cliff? Since my last entry, I would always log on to this journal and type only to delete the entry. I wasn’t inspired to post anything…”like a bird ain’t got a song.” I didn’t have any songs to sing to you about.

How are you? I hope always that you are well, my friends.

And here’s the after photo…

It’s nice to be back.