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Missing from this photo: B, H, A

This time every year I’m usually preparing for my religious ed class which runs from October through May. Sadly, I won’t be teaching this year since I’m taking a break to work at a school in Cambodia.

I wanted to share a letter I received from one of my students:

Thank you for teaching me.  I really loved all the times in your class from prayer until the end of class.  You put a whole new meaning to my faith.  Really, you did.  No homework, a few worksheets and videos and all talk (very good talk).  I really like prayer and going to God and spending time with him.  I will miss you along with everyone else.  I cherished the times of being in your class, you know?  Just to be close to Jesus, to have religion, just something to hold on in tough times, I look to God.  On some Tuesdays my Dad and me would come to the chapel.  Its atmosphere really calms me.  Being in class has brought me even closer to God.  Whenever I felt bad, I’d go to class and feel better.  I won’t miss waking up early but I’ll miss something to look forward to on the weekend.  These past four years of being with you, it’s hard to forget all the times in we had.  All of us would be very sad that you’re not teaching next year.  I will remember Christmas and the times at your house.  You were really fun.  I hope you will be safe wherever you go.  God bless you.  With love.

For my students, even though we won’t see each other you’re still in my thoughts and in my heart.  I wish you luck on your first year of high school this fall.  God bless all of you!  P.S.  I hope you continue with religious ed classes so you can tell me all about it next year 🙂